Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chapter 16: Enter the iPad

We are not an Apple household. I have an OLD iPod but it only works if it's plugged in. So maybe some Apple fanatic somewhere will find it the pinnacle of unfairness that my amazing husband WON us one at his work conference last week. Because we never would have bought one ourselves but we sure are enjoying it anyway.

So I just wanted to see how complicated or difficult it would be to make a new blog post from our new gadget. I don't blog much partly because I just don't want to sit at the entertainment center in front of the big screen tv we use for a monitor and write deep thoughts. My only laptop option is my work computer & that just seems like a bad idea.

I also wanted to try posting a picture but I haven't quote figured that one out yet.

I'll keep working on that one...

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