Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chapter 15: And everything just keeps changing

Some people can plan a wedding and get extra work at their job and turn that into a prime blogging opportunity. I am not one of those people.

We got engaged, we planned a wedding, we decided to get a puppy and reserved one, we got married, we went to Jamaica, we came home, our puppy was born, we went to a family reunion, we came home again.

And our lives just keep changing. As we continue to adjust to being married people who have to/get to (depending on the situation ;) but mostly GET TO so far) live in the same tiny house, we prepare for another life-changing event.
In about 5 weeks we will be bringing home one of these cuties. We get pick of the litter for a little girl but we haven't picked yet since they are only a week old and can't even see yet. All they do is eat, sleep and look adorable. So I'm by turns excited and terrified of this little furball that is going to turn our lives upside down. I've never had a brand new puppy in the house before. Thank goodness for hardwood floors. I think I'm going to have to roll up the Tibetan rug and hide it for a year or so though. When I start to get nervous I just take deep breaths and think about how sweet and cuddly the puppy will be. And try not to think about how much pee and poop and vomit I'm going to be wiping up in the next year. And as soon as that starts to lay off it will be time to be thinking about having to do the same thing for a tiny human. *sigh* I guess the next several years of my life might as well be preemptively dubbed "The bodily fluid years--K-9 and Human."

Our babies better be at least as cute as our puppy.

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  1. Having survived three babies and 4 puppies, I have one word for you:


    It keeps the puppies safe from the babies.