Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chapter 19: iPad Blogging Step - Blogger

Trying out the Blogger Application. It's showing up all tiny on the screen so I'm guessing it's really an iPhone App. The keyboard is way too small to type much comfortably.

So this one is probably not going to be my first choice but it IS free. It also looks pretty easy to post photos that are ON the iPad. Let's try it and see!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 18: Ghost-written by Eeyore

I think I was sleep-blogging last night. That post has terrible flow, ideas that I meant to get across are completely left out and I made some really embarrassing grammar mistakes. Whoops. That's why this whole National Blog Posting Month challenge is probably going to be good for me. I clearly need the practice.

My next goal is to choose a blogging App for the IPad. There are several to choose from that sound pretty good. It's a little dificult to just use Safari. Not to mention boring since I'm not sure how to add any pictures or videos or anything. Also I think right before bed is not a particularly witty and creative time of day for me. I'm actually kind of grumpy about this time. Haha. Hopefully I can find a rhythm that is productive for me and at least mildly amusing for anyone who accidentally stumbles across my boring old blog.

And so I say "Good night." If it is a good night. Which I doubt.

I'll try to be more exciting and interesting tomorrow. Or I'll just test out a new blogging app. Whichever.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chapter 17: Luna Lovegood--In the fur

My husband is allergic to cats. Generally speaking, they make his throat close up and his nose stops working and he ends up asking someone to please just saw open his head. He failed to mention this to me for a very long time when we started dating. You see, I have a cat. A gorgeous, talkative, fetching (as in: she plays fetch) Siamese mix.

Isn't she pretty?

She is not a particularly social cat so I was quite surprised when she was suddenly doing a "My Boyfriend is here! My Boyfriend is here!" dance when Daniel started to come over and hang out. I mean hardcore. Like, forget I even existed-why the heck are you looking at me-don't pet me I'm with my boyfriend right now--levels of love there.

When I first got her as a tiny little kitten at the shelter I had planned for years to get a Siamese and call him/her Suay (pronounced S-way). It means beautiful in Thai and Siamese are Thai cats. But when I got her I just felt like she needed a book name. I like to name my animals after book characters. So Nymphadora Tonks aka Tonks she became.

We like to have a bit of a theme for animal names around here. The Geckos are all named after characters from a show called Firefly except the one we recently adopted from some friends and she already had a name. So when we started discussing possible puppy names we new we wanted a literary character name to match the other mammal pet. We threw around names like Lucy from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe but ultimately decided to stick with Harry Potter. Thus--Luna Lovegood. We ended up picking that because even though she is adorable and looks like an Ewok now, she will be totally Wheaten and blond once she grows up.

I attempted to upload a video but it's not quite working so here is a picture of our Luna on her trip home with us. I'll post some more updated pictures soon. She's at least 3 times this size now.