Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 18: Ghost-written by Eeyore

I think I was sleep-blogging last night. That post has terrible flow, ideas that I meant to get across are completely left out and I made some really embarrassing grammar mistakes. Whoops. That's why this whole National Blog Posting Month challenge is probably going to be good for me. I clearly need the practice.

My next goal is to choose a blogging App for the IPad. There are several to choose from that sound pretty good. It's a little dificult to just use Safari. Not to mention boring since I'm not sure how to add any pictures or videos or anything. Also I think right before bed is not a particularly witty and creative time of day for me. I'm actually kind of grumpy about this time. Haha. Hopefully I can find a rhythm that is productive for me and at least mildly amusing for anyone who accidentally stumbles across my boring old blog.

And so I say "Good night." If it is a good night. Which I doubt.

I'll try to be more exciting and interesting tomorrow. Or I'll just test out a new blogging app. Whichever.

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