Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chapter 27: It's Alive! A Garden Update

Time for a garden update!  Quick and dirty just for my future reference plus a few questions. And clearly  I had the iPad turned the wrong direction when taking my photos.

The tomatoes are doing pretty well but a few are starting to get these cruddy leaves and I'm not sure why. Hmmm

Strawberry patch! Glad we have the kind that keep producing instead of just one harvest.
BASIL! I'm so proud of this year's basil. This is my best attempt so far. It's definitely Pesto-Time.
Best lettuce crop so far as well.  We are going to have to start eating more salad to keep up.
Daniel bought me a Fuscia at Lowe's the first spring we were dating because we walked by and I exclaimed how pretty it was so he made me let him buy it for me :)  I've gotten another one every spring since and hung it on the front porch and killed it every year.  This year I moved it out back where I actually remember to water it and it's on it's 2nd or third batch of blooms!  I get to look at it more than I would if it was out front too.
I'm still shocked at how well these three tomato plants are doing.  I really did not expect the spindly little sprouts to survive, let alone be thriving the way they are!
Still have Poppies from Daniels' Grandma :)
My little patch of volunteer petunia's is getting big and blooming like crazy! It has lots of weeds around it because I refuse to mow it over so I have to be careful mowing around it.
The cucumbers are still really stunted but they are starting to climb a little.
Sweet little Yellow Squash
I was told I could trellis the zucchini and squash. I think that might have been a terrible falsehood.
I had to stop Daniel from picking this one. I practically threw myself in front of him screaming, "IT HAS TO TURN RED FIRST!!!!!!" This bad boy is going to be delicious!
What's that?  A tiny little soy bean pod waiting to become my Edamame?  Oh yah.
The pumpkin was doing GREAT until we left for the weekend and it got a tiny bit crispy.  Will have to do lots of watering this week to make up for that little mishap.
Also, it's kitten season.  Luna chased a little and mama kitty out from behind the shed this morning so animal control brought by a trap to see if we can catch 'em. Fingers crossed.  It didn't work last time we tried.

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  1. Your plants are beautiful, Erin! I love the Fuscia plant....so beautiful!