Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chapter 12: EUREKA!

Eureka Springs, that is.

Daniel and I have been saying for over a year that we wanted to make it up to Eureka Springs to poke around but just never got around to it. There was an Ozark Folk Festival this weekend and it was a pretty day so we headed up this afternoon for a quick visit.

Road Trip!!

The Hill Benders--Love that Bluegrass!

We wandered through the shops and when we came back by there was a drum circle! It was actually pretty cool. I might have to go to one in town one of these days

Everyone always says, "If you go to Eureka, you have to go to Geraldi's." So we did. It was pretty tasty. I would recommend it if you're in the area and wanting some pizza. Of course, they were closing up shop at 7pm like every place else, so you better get there early.

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